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Michael Moore: Snipers Are ‘Cowards,’ ‘Aren’t Heroes’

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American Sniper shattered box-office records this weekend. Is it because America just can’t get enough Bradley Cooper? Is the prestige of “Directed by Clint Eastwood” enough to send audiences flocking to the theaters? Do they admire Chris Kyle and want to know more about him? Are they glad to spend their money on a movie where American servicemen aren’t automatically villains and/or victims? All of the above? Whatever the case may be, lots and lots of people want to see this flick.

Coincidentally enough, former filmmaker and ambulatory sea-mammal Michael Moore has an opinion on marksmen like Chris Kyle. He thinks they’re great!


Yes, Michael, tell Chris Kyle’s widow some more about injuries to the back as you sink your blade.

Then somebody threw Moore a fish and he shut up for a while. But then he clarified:

Oh, okay. So, snipers are bad, but only if they’re American. Therefore, any movie called American Sniper must be bad.

Moore hasn’t made a movie in years. I don’t feel like Googling the title of his last one, but I’m pretty nobody bothered to see it. Maybe once the Republicans are back in power, the fact-molesting planetoid will get an idea for a new piece of left-wing propaganda. Maybe his time hasn’t passed. Maybe it’s not all over for him.


(Hat tip: El Sooper)

Update: Moore is in good company.

If it occurs to you that somebody like Rogen wouldn’t be able to say something like that in public in Nazi Germany, that only means you’re smarter than Rogen. Hell, he wouldn’t even be alive in Nazi Germany. But hey, no analogy is perfect. Kudos to Mr. Rogen for standing up to two totalitarian regimes in as many months, from a place of safety provided by people like Chris Kyle.

Update: Apparently, Moore just picked the word “sniper” out of a hat.