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Quote of the Day:

“Good news: I have the mental capacity to remember a line from a nine-year-old blog posts, but not any number of simple, everyday tasks.”

BuzzFeed Political Editor Katherine Miller.

Gloria Allred’s daughter gloats over bad new for Bill Cosby 

“Bad news for Cosby: in rape prosecutions, CA permits admissibility of prior uncharged rape claims where facts are substantially similar.” — Lisa Bloom, NBC News legal analyst.


A warning: It’s MLK Day

“Somewhere in America, an idiot is about to compose a tweet about MLK that will endanger his future job prospects. Could it be you?” — Jezebel‘s Erin Gloria Ryan.

WaPo reporter’s home has termites

“Lazy Sunday night spent emptying out the bedroom so that the floor can be ripped out and the termite-riddled support beams replaced.” — WaPo’s Philip Bump.


“I couldn’t make my grandmother laugh tonight with my usual corny birthday jokes. This is horrible.” — Chris Peleo-Lazar, Senate aide, former National Journal staffer.

ICYMI….shots fired outside VP Biden’s Delaware home Saturday night. Read here.

A reporter’s nightmare

“I have ended up on the PR list from hell recently and I’m not sure how.” — MSNBC political reporter Benjy Sarlin.

On female reporters…

“Sometime in the last 20 years we became slutty ambition monsters.” — New York Mag’s Marin Kogan on Hollywood’s depiction of female reporters. See here.

Travel Bitches 

“Hmmm, pilot has asked flight attendants to get into their jump seats with 2 hours left in flight. I guess it will be a bumpy ride! #travel.” — USA Today travel writer Nancy Trejos.

“That awful moment in the airport terminal when you realize you’ve probably eaten your last Cinnabon.” — Scott Bixby, news editor, MIC News.

If you want to see Ron Bonjean’s chest hair, visit here — the Washingtonian guide to GOP D.C.

BuzzFeed‘s Ben Smith negates op-ed pages 

“Op-ed pages at this point have no reason to exist beyond conferring legitimacy. So why confer it on Le Pen and Choudary of all people?” — BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith.