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Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi Gives Himself Time Out For Unintentional Holocaust Joke

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Memo to Rolling Stone reporter Matt Taibbi: Please stop beating yourself up over that accidental Holocaust joke over the weekend.

Come on, at this point anyone with half a brain cell knows that gas chamber jokes aren’t just references to the Holocaust. They can easily represent San Quentin and it’s high time that the tiresome confusion over the gas chamber metaphor gets put to rest so journalists like you can watch sports and make all the gas chamber comments you want without fear of offending anyone — dead or alive.

Taibbi, who might want to stay off for awhile, didn’t mean to reference the event that killed 6 million Jews, many in, er, gas chambers, at all.

But stupid people on Twitter sure took it that way.

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The three best reactionary remarks.

1. “I’ll ask my concentration camp surviving great aunt.”

2. “Yes, this football game was quite like the execution of a systematic genocide. Good tweet.”

3. “I’d like to think you could conjure a better analogy for choking in an NFL game than comparing it to the execution of 6M people.”

Hilariously, some people also tried to defend him or otherwise cheer him up. Because who doesn’t need a good cheering up after you unintentionally insult a lot of Jews in America?

1. “Your books were good. Maybe you can write books again.”

2. “Stop, people over react. Sticks n stones people. Political corrects has screwed up our sense of humor/ poetic license. Come on.”

3. “Don’t worry about it.”

4. “It’s Twitter. You’re okay.”

5. “This too shall pass. Don’t log off indefinitely.”


Taibbi followed up with some regret. To his credit, he didn’t try to delete anything or make the pain disappear. 

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