Rush Limbaugh On ‘American Sniper’: ‘It’s Everything Hollywood Hates’

Al Weaver Reporter
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Reacting to the big opening weekend for “American Sniper,” conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said the criticism of the film stems from Hollywood and their disagreement on many of the issues the movie promotes.

According to Limbaugh, the film, starring Bradley Cooper as slain sniper Chris Kyle, is heavy on “rednecks, Texas, guns” and the Iraq War. The conservative host added that Hollywood perceives that the box office bonanza is “celebrating” a “racist bigoted murderer.” (RELATED: Chris Kyle’s Widow Overwhelmed By ‘American Sniper’ Success, Elites Unhappy)

The film exceeded all expectations by raking in over $90 million in its first three days. (RELATED: ‘American Sniper’ Crushes Box Office Records With HUGE Weekend)

“The criticism of American Sniper is that Clint Eastwood has written and directed a movie that’s celebrating a murderer — a racist, bigoted murderer — Chris Kyle who murders innocent Iraqi brown people,” Limbaugh said of the latest Clint Eastwood movie.

“We in America, by going to see this movie, are celebrating barbarism. We are celebrating murder. We are celebrating a sociopath. How dare Eastwood do this and how dare we fall for it! That chorus is being joined by more and more people, particularly in Hollywood and on the left,” Limbaugh said. “After all, folks, it’s about a redneck from Texas who is better using a gun than anybody ever has been. What is there for Hollywood to like about that?”

“It’s everything Hollywood hates: Rednecks, Texas, guns. Add to it war, Iraq?” Limbaugh said. “‘Wrong, immoral, because of Bush. What’s the guy doing? Killing innocent Iraqis, a murderer! No wonder America is hated in the world. This movie demonstrates why.'”

“That’s what they’re doing to American Sniper,” the conservative host added. “And they’re just getting started.”