Chris Matthews Is Horrified President Obama Attacked Cable TV In State Of The Union [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold | Media Reporter

MSNBC host and obstinate Obama fan Chris Matthews was not at all happy that President Barack Obama included a swipe against cable news in the 2015 State of the Union. (VIDEO: Chris Matthews: Republicans Trying To ‘Screw The Black Voter’)

MATTHEWS: I think he made a mistake tonight about cable television. I think there are a lot of people — at our network, especially — who hoped and in fact shared his hope with regard to the end of racial division and the need for continuing hope for that aspiration and not at all benefited from it. And also bout bipartisanship, I think a lot of us believe we have to work together better, and he and his Republican opponents have got to sit down and cut some deals. I don’t think it’s fair to say everybody benefits from division, I think he’s made a mistake on that. And I don’t think he watches much cable television; that’s his call.

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