George Will, Juan Williams Agree: Joni Ernst Is A ‘Star’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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It’s bipartisan: Sen. Joni Ernst is a “star” within the Republican Party.

Following her rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union, Fox News panelists George Will and Juan Williams remarked that Ernst is a “star” within the GOP, calling her a “fresh face” in the party.

“I do think tonight a semi-star was born,” Will told Fox anchor Bret Baier. “I think Sen. Ernst from Iowa passed a test that others have failed. And, in doing so, she helped put a fresh face on the Republican Party.”

Though for different reasons, Williams, a political cat of different stripes, told Baier that Ernst’s emergence comes from her populist message in her rebuttal, which was widely praised by the GOP.

“I agree with George: I think Joni Ernst is a new star,” Williams said. “I think she did very well, and she did well by talking about Washington dysfunction and, again, coming back to the idea idea that there is, in the populist Republican mode, things to be done to help hard working people who want to advance if they are hard working and worthy.”

“You’ve seen the start of the 2016 presidential campaign. I think this is what the Democrats will emphasize, middle class populist economics, and the kind of pitch you saw ranging everywhere from more money for child care, to free community college and more taxes on the rich. I think that’s the Democratic pitch,” Williams added.