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Goldie Taylor Glad To Work Somewhere Where They Don’t Pretend (The Others Are Just A Bunch of Phonies)

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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MSNBC canned contributor Goldie Taylor in September. But she’s landed on her feet with a new gig as senior editor with Blue Nation Review. It’s a lefty Beltway pub that’s home to the likes of ex-Politico‘s Joe Williams, and liberal comedians Lizz Winstead and Jesse Berney.

Goldie’s acceptance speech is a little unusual. 

“I’m eager to join the BNR team because they don’t pretend to be another old beltway media outlet,” Taylor said in a release. “Its fine to cover what happens in Washington, but we have to do more than just scan the headlines; we, at Blue Nation Review, have a duty to explain why a story matters to us – why it matters to you.”

Really. So all the other media outlets around town are merely pretending to be media outlets?

Thanks Goldie!

She’s obviously a real charmer when she wants to be. We’ll see if her Twitter feed gets more stable, but up until now she gets touchy at nothing or something tiny and, either way, will block your ass in a heartbeat. She even locked up her tweets at one point and then reopened them up to the masses.

Last August, she was a little emotional. She said she woke up in tears over Ferguson. She then blocked everyone at Mediaite for a story she didn’t like about her then-colleague Chris Hayes. She even blocked the poor interns. [RELATED: Watch Out Mediaite Interns! Goldie Taylor Has Your Number]

Blue Nation Review‘s humorous editor-in-chief Jimmy Williams is excited to have her on board. Williams got to know Goldie at MSNBC, where he’s an analyst.

“As long as I’ve worked with Goldie, I’ve known she was a tour de force, someone I’d always go to as a voice for those who don’t have one,” said Williams. “Goldie’s own real life struggles have given her the strength to become a powerful voice for women, especially women of color. To be a good journalist, you have to know what and how people feel. Simply put, Goldie can relate to the struggles most Americans know to be real and she’ll be a great asset here at BNR.”

The release says Goldie has earned a reputation for helping major brands “diversify and expand their appeal.” It says she was “chief architect” of Procter & Gamble’s “My Black is Beautiful” and “the marketing force” behind CNN’s “Black in America.”

Her debut story: “Mugshots of Black Men Used For Sniper Target Practice in South Florida.” The story says North Miami Beach Police used actual booking mugshots during their firearms training for their sniper unit. The six photographs they used were all of black men. The police chief denied any racial profiling.

Goldie played this one straight. There really wasn’t any major commentary, though the story did clearly slant on the side of those who had a real problem with the police using those particular pictures.

No doubt that’ll change. She’s just getting warmed up.