Hillary Clinton Did A Bad Impression Of Vladimir Putin [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Hillary Clinton should stick to her day job, whatever that is.

On Wednesday, the former secretary of state offered a feeble impression of Russian President Vladimir Putin during an event at the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce.

The event moderator began asking Clinton about her future political plans, saying “If for some reason you decided to be leader of the United States, or actually run for that, because there is a process, and you got elected and people said, you know what…”

Clinton interjected, bringing up Putin, who in 2012 switched leadership positions with Dmitry Medvedev, who is now prime minister.

“Yeah, there is a process,” Clinton said, “not like Putin.”

“Vladimir, do you think you’d like to be president again?” Clinton said, head titled back, impersonating a Russian adviser.

“I think I would, actually,” Putin would say, according to Clinton.


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