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Moms Against Gun Control Have A Message For Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action

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By Heather Marchese, 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control

It must come as a surprise to Shannon Watts who runs Michael Bloomberg’s “Moms Demand Action” but gun owners really do have the law on their side. We have, however, become targets through social media bullying tactics. Ms. Watts should get used to legal gun owners prevailing, after all we have the Second Amendment on our side.

As in the case of Clarence Daniels, a 62 year old man with a Florida Concealed Carry Permit who was attacked and put into a “choke hold” by 43 year old Michael Foster while walking into a Florida Wal-Mart. Foster, who never called 911 to report a suspicious person with a gun prior to attacking Daniels, was charged with battery. Florida is a “shall issue” state, and issues concealed carry licenses to both residents and non-residents. Not to mention this person could easily have been an off duty or undercover LEO.

Mr. Daniels had done no harm that day, yet he was targeted because of an inanimate object. That inanimate object, a holstered gun, has become greatly feared thanks to misconstrued facts by Shannon Watts, and others within MDA’s organization. Michael Foster’s fear is based on his ignorance of not only the Second Amendment, but also on the amount of thought, care, and concern that legal open and concealed carriers have for safety. After all, safety is the reason gun owners carry to begin with.

Mr Foster is ignorant about gun owner training, and the amount of time put in going over scenarios before carrying a concealed weapon. Lawful gun owners do what they can to responsibly prepare for situations life may throw at them. He is also ignorant to Florida state laws which require some level of training before a permit is issued.

To maliciously physically attack law abiding gun owners who decide to protect themselves, loved-ones, and their friends by carrying is a disgusting trait. One which is widely shared by many of those on the anti gun side. More specifically, Shannon and her organization, have shown a propensity to support violence against those that seek to protect themselves or others from violent criminals.

In regards to Shannon’s tweet, she showed contempt for Mr. Foster’s rightful arrest because she has the utmost contempt for law abiding gun owners. This is a grown up topic which requires grown up actions. Her advocating for school yard bully tactics is the reason 1MMAGC became a group and has grown as rapidly as it has. There are over 1.5 million Concealed Carry License Holders in the state of Florida. We won’t sit idly by while people like Shannon Watts, Mike Bloomberg, and others bully people into losing their rights.

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