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#NotAllMuslims Stab Random Israelis On Tel Aviv Bus

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Another day, another act of violence with no connection to any other act of violence, past or future.

Isabel Kershner and Irit Pazner Garshowitz, New York Times:

A Palestinian man stabbed and wounded up to a dozen Israelis on Wednesday as he rampaged through a bus in central Tel Aviv during the morning rush, the police said…

The assailant, identified by the police as Hamza Muhammad Hassan Matrouk, 23, boarded a bus in Tel Aviv about 7:30 a.m. and traveled two stops as more passengers boarded. He first attacked the driver, who resisted, said Yehuda Dahan, the district police chief. Mr. Matrouk then stabbed a number of passengers before they managed to open the doors of the bus and escape…

The assailant then got off the bus and continued attacking people in the street…

As the man ran off, armed personnel from Israel’s prison service who happened to be in the area chased him and shot him.

How odd. Why would anybody do such a thing?

The police said that during an interrogation, Mr. Matrouk said he was motivated by the recent fighting in Gaza, tensions over a contested holy site in Jerusalem and radical Islamic broadcasts that spoke of “reaching paradise.”

So it was completely random. Nothing to do with anything, really. Just another nutjob.


Did they really have to shoot him, though? That seems pretty racist. After all, he’s a designated victim, so he’s not really responsible for his own actions. And if those people didn’t want to get stabbed, they shouldn’t have been Jews.

Right, Hamas?

All hail the brave hero who stabbed a bunch of people as they took the bus to work.