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Rep. Alan Grayson’s Wife Was Unable To Go To Bigamy Trial Because Her Boob Implants WERE LEAKING

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Some may recall the ‘War of the Roses’ marriage between Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) and his wife, Lolita. Last year she filed a restraining order against him for pushing her against the front door of their home. In return, he accused her of pushing him and had video to prove it. And now, a trial to determine whether she committed bigamy when she married him has been stalled. The aptly named Lolita is to blame. Or rather, it’s her fake breasts — they’re leaking. She had to have emergency surgery to remove the implants.

As excuses go to delay a trial, this is a pretty good one. She was apparently in chest pain.

Grayson is ultimately seeking to annul their 24-year marriage since he claims he was already married when they wed. Among her varied claims against him is that he failed to pay for repairs on their 5,300 square foot Orlando home. Compounding the messy divorce proceedings is the fact that she’s totally financially dependent on him and has never worked in the course of their 24-year marriage. The couple has four children.

The news was reported Wednesday by the AP.

The trial is now put off until March.

“Due to this medical emergency, wife is unable to prepare for or attend the trial,” her attorney, Mercedes Wechsler, said in a court filing, as reported by the AP.

As divorces go, looks like this is going to be a long one.