Wife Records MMA Fighter Dave Herman Getting Tased By Cops [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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A new video detailing law enforcement brutality against a private citizen has hit the web.

Madeleine Herman — the wife of former UFC fighter Dave Herman — posted a video of police officers confronting him during a traffic stop in DeKalb County, Indiana.

According to Madeleine, the police began to follow the Hermans after they started having car trouble. When they eventually pulled over, Dave approached the officers and requested to see three forms of official identification. The cops weren’t particularly fond of this and proceeded to tase and handcuff him.


As of Tuesday, Herman had not been arraigned or had bail set for release. Madeleine also notes that the DeKalb County Police were “defaming” Herman with “trumped-up charges” on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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