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Alec Baldwin Calls Out Chickenhawk For Defending Chris Kyle

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If there’s one man who knows all about America’s fighting forces, it’s Alec Baldwin. After all, he once stopped WWIII from breaking out when the captain of the Red October defected. And he’s probably played military guys in movies or on TV. (I’m assuming? Let’s just say he has.) Plus, he’s a veteran of many tours of combat with the paparazzi.

Which explains this:

If you don’t know why the 30 Rock actor is picking on Dean Cain, of all people, it’s because Cain had the gall to say this:


After Seth Rogen said this:

Did you get all that? So: Alec Baldwin isn’t calling out the guy who compared American Sniper to Nazi propaganda. He’s not asking Rogen about his service record, or even his citizenship. He’s calling out a guy who dared to criticize Rogen, because the critic hasn’t served. You can slam the military without ever having been in it, but don’t you dare say anything good about it.

To which I reply:


The difference is that Baldwin agrees with one and disagrees with the other. That’s the only standard he needs. That’s the only standard any liberal needs.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)

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