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Do You Know What ‘Manslamming’ Is?

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As if New Yorkers don’t have enough problems already, they’re actively making up new ones.

National Review’s Katherine Timpf explains:

When 25-year-old labor organizer Beth Breslaw’s friend told her that more men than women bump into people on the sidewalk, Breslaw decided to test the theory by walking around New York City without moving aside for anyone…

“I could probably count on my hand the number of women that bumped into me and the number of men that didn’t,” she said.

And so the term “manslamming” was born: More men than women refuse to yield to women on the sidewalk because our patriarchal culture conditions them to occupy space without showing consideration for anyone else.

Which is just further proof, of course, that men are bad. Shame on us, men!

Except that Timpf, being the science-denying conservative that she is, decided to replicate the experiment. The results may surprise you… if you’re the type of person who takes the word of a 25-year-old labor organizer on faith.

Manslams: 23
Womanslams: 66

So, maybe Breslaw didn’t take into account the possibility that NYC is an overcrowded city packed with jerks. Jerks bump into each other a lot, regardless of gender, because they’re jerks.

But at least they’re just going about their day, not trying to get 15 minutes of fame for making up a new word. “Manslamming.” Feh. It’s really about feminists slamming men because they don’t like men.

Just you wait, #DerpBlasio will throw money at this nonexistent problem too. Look for anti-manslamming signs at bus stops and subway cars throughout the town. That is, if you can pull your face out of your iPhone long enough. Hey, watch where you’re goin’, jerk!