Jonathan Gruber’s Father Taught Class Called ‘Financial Payoffs From Political Connections’

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber’s father taught a session for the American Finance Association’s (AFA) annual meeting called “The Financial Payoffs From Political Connections.”

Martin Gruber, longtime finance professor at New York University and board member of numerous financial boards and organizations, taught “The Financial Payoffs From Political Connections” at the 2007 AFA annual meeting.

His son Jonathan Gruber might as well have taken notes. Career academic Gruber raked in big-time federal contracts with the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations and the National Bureau of Economic Research, where his father was an executive board member, and made a killing on the lecture circuit, where he detailed his work with President Obama. Gruber also profited handsomely from his relationship to Mitt Romney, to whom he served as an adviser during the development of Romneycare in Massachusetts. (RELATED: Gruber and Obama Plotted Deception Together In The Oval Office).

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