NBC Launches SEGREGATED NEWS SITE Just For Black People

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Strange and deep dissatisfaction with America’s long, arduous period of racial desegregation has pretty obviously beset NBC News.

The once-proud, once-relevant commercial news organization has turned back the clock on race relations by at least a half century by launching a real, non-satirical news website that funnels news about black people into a single locale.

The website is called NBCBLK. It launched last week.

There’s both a Twitter account and a Facebook page for the fledgling sitelet.

The Facebook page describes NBCBLK as a news site dedicated to “elevating America’s conversation about black identity, politics & culture today,” notes Downtrend.

The current state of NBCBLK is sort of like a destitute, emaciated, delirious and intellectually stunted version of The Root.

Current stories at NBCBLK that are aimed at “elevating America’s conversation about black identity” include a fluffy interview with Lee Daniels, a Hollywood producer who is promoting a new musical drama show on FOX called “Empire.”

There’s a video of Michelle Obama dancing and a video of President Obama saying in his 2015 State of the Union address, with two years left in his presidency, that he thinks “the cynics are wrong.”

Much — but not all — of NBCBLK appears to be a haphazard slapping together of NBC’s already-existing news about black people in one handy, segregated place.

Response on Twitter concerning the NBC’s segregated area for black people has ranged from bemused to confused. For example:

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Eric Owens