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Now That Ferguson Has Cooled Down, DOJ Quits Pretending It Was Ever Going To File Charges Against Darren Wilson

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The Obama Way: Say what you think people want to hear, and keep saying it until they leave you alone. Then do whatever you were going to do anyway.

Or, don’t do whatever you weren’t going to do anyway. Chuck Ross reports:

The Justice Department is preparing to clear Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson of violating the civil rights of Michael Brown…

Federal law enforcement officials are putting the finishing touches on a legal memo recommending that Wilson not face charges, which would have required the Justice Department to show that Wilson intended to violate the civil rights of Brown — who is black — when he opened fire.

They can’t build a case against him because there is no case against him. They knew that going in. This was a purely political move. Now that it’s safe to drop it, they’re dropping it.

Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown in self-defense. It’s over. You can whine all you want, you can blurt out as many stupid, dishonest slogans as you want, but it’s over.

Hands Down, You’re Wrong.