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SOTU Ratings: LOL

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Remember how sick of Bill Clinton you were by the time he left office, America? Well, Obama’s already there, with two years to go.

Saba Hamedy, LA Times:

Television viewership for President Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday night fell to a 15-year low, according to numbers from Nielsen.

The 1-hour, 15-minute speech drew an average of 31.7 million viewers on broadcast and cable networks…

This year’s count, which does not include people who streamed the event online, was the lowest since President Clinton’s final State of the Union in 2000.


But wait… the streaming numbers! That’s it. That’s the explanation. Lots and lots and lots of people sat through yet another boring, dishonest Obama speech that way. The entire nation was enraptured by an event whose only highlight was Obama reminding his opponents that he won in 2012 — which, um, everybody knew anyway — but most of them were watching online.

Yes, that has to be the explanation for those ratings. Otherwise, it might look like people are tired of Obama. It might appear as if his halo has lost its luster. Reality might begin to set in. And we can’t have that.

Congratulations to President Obama on another great success based on another set of imaginary numbers. Yay!

(Hat tip: JWF)

Jim Treacher