Kurtz, Megyn Kelly Mock Obama: YouTube Interview ‘Beneath The Dignity Of The Office’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Fox News’ Howard Kurtz and Megyn Kelly panned President Barack Obama’s YouTube interview Thursday evening, with the host of “Mediabuzz” calling it “beneath the dignity of the office.”

The comments came on “The Kelly File.”

“When did eating milk and cereal out of your bathtub become an audition to interview the President of the United States?” Kurtz asked initially.

“I’m not some old media curmudgeon saying Obama shouldn’t go on ‘Ellen’ or ‘The View’ or ‘Colbert.’ He’s got a good sense of humor, that’s a political asset,” Kurtz said. “It just seemed beneath the dignity of the office to be hanging out with some of these YouTubers.”

Kelly went on to slam Obama’s first post-State of the Union interview, telling her fellow Fox host mockingly, “This is what the president now sits across from.”

Kelly added that during one of the questions from GloZell, she told Obama that the Castro brothers in Cuba “put the dick in dictatorship.”

“Maybe this is how the president wants the White House press corps to act around him,” Kurtz said, continuing the pile-on.

“You know, Yemen was like collapsing today, and al Qaida is really big there,” Kelly continued, “and he was sitting down with GloZell.”

“Doesn’t anybody say, ‘these may not be the best optics for us,?'” Kelly said.