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Lefty Editor Scolds Press For Talking About Balls

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Jesse Berney, a comedian who is the senior editor for the lefty Blue Nation Review, took it upon himself to scold the Twitter media masses Thursday for joking about Tom Brady’s ballsy press conference. And we cannot stress enough then word “balls.” Brady claimed he doesn’t squeezed the balls, it’s not part of his process. He said some guys like old balls.

Who knew?

Berney, meanwhile, went on Twitter with the following pearl of wisdom. Because why isn’t he in a position to scold the entire press corps? Some might consider this an act of journalistic bravery. The Mirror thinks it’s a case of overinflated balls.

“Guys the president of Yemen resigned today just fyi,” he wrote, nudging the media back to what is really important.

He then sarcastically bought up GotNews‘ right-leaning editor Charles Johnson.

@grouchybagels really we should be focusing on whatever Chuck Johnson is going to reveal about Congress in an hour.”

He ultimately claimed he wasn’t “news shaming.”

“Just FYI that Yemen tweet wasn’t news shaming, I love talking about balls,” he insisted.

OK, if he says so.