Physics Professor Counters Deflate-Gate Accusations With Science [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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The NFL’s Deflate-Gate witch-hunt is doing its best to totally discredit Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the rest of the 2015 AFC Championship New England Patriots.

While every piece of evidence the investigation has produced seems to implicate the Pats, New England fans just landed a HUGE character witness: science.

Michael Naughton — the chair of Boston College’s physics department — has gone on the record to state that, “it’s not possible for weather NOT to have played a role,” in Ball-ghazi.

Say you inflate the ball to 12.5 PSI — the NFL minimum — in a room at 70 degrees, and then used the ball outside where it was 50 degrees. That 12.5 PSI would eventually become 11.5 PSI. If you inflate the ball to 12.5 PSI in an even warmer room where it was, say, 80 degrees, and then played outdoors at 40 degrees, that 12.5 PSI would become 10.5 PSI — a drop of two PSIs.

For those of you who haven’t been following the x’s and o’s of the investigation, the NFL claims that 11 of the 12 balls supplied by the Patriots in last Sunday’s game were found to be in the general vicinity of 2 PSI below the NFL’s minimum standard of 12.5 PSI. Based on Naughton’s metric, it would follow that — unless the Patriots are strapped for cash and decided to turn off the heat in the home locker room at Gillette Stadium — the balls would continue to deflate until they were brought back indoors.

Ok, that’s a pretty strong stat, but I’m sure that all of you Colts/Seahawks/Obama supporters will shoot it down as only one man’s opinion.

Only, it’s not just one man’s opinion. Following Naughton’s press release, The Boston Herald was contacted by a postdoctoral associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology — I hear they’re pretty good at that whole science thing — who corroborated the claim. The anonymous associate even sent in his own math that predicted a, “1.78 psi [decrease] by halftime if the balls were filled at room temperature.”

If the ball was sitting outside in the cold for an hour, it is likely that the temperature of the air inside the ball would end up being the same temperature as the air outside of the ball — and if that is the case, you would see between a 1.5 and a 1.6 difference in PSI.

This is starting to sound like an air-tight argument.

“Oh, but if this whole science thing is true, then why weren’t the Colts’ balls under-inflated? They played in the same weather, right? EXPLAIN THAT,” the haters shouted as a final resort.

This is actually the easiest part to understand; the Colts pumped up their balls more than the Patriots did. Naughton even argued that the pigskins Indianapolis supplied might have been inflated past the NFL’s maximum PSI limit, but you won’t see the NFL launching an investigation into that.

The hypocrisy in this scandal is indicative of Roger Goodell’s tenure as NFL commissioner. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? The NFL wants the Patriots to be guilty because it’s become a mouth piece for the liberal agenda. (RELATED: NFL Hires Major Democrat To Head Up Deflate-Gate Witch Hunt)

In Obama’s America, people don’t worry about their own success, just ruining things for other people when things don’t go their way. The Patriots easily beat the Colts. They deserve to be in the Super Bowl. Thank God physics came in to silence all the naysayers.

Science, 1. Goodell, 0.


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