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Seems Like Ex-MSNBCer Goldie Taylor May Be Holding A Grudge

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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We’ve all had personal and professional grudges. Some are short and biting. Some are long and biting and so bitter that they involves knives and blood and bile won’t let you go until the deepest revenge has been served.

Enter Goldie Taylor, now a senior editor at the lefty Blue Nation Review, was canned by MSNBC last September. Notably, she has, by far, the longest bio on Blue Nation‘s “BNR Team” page, even longer than the editor, Jimmy Williams.

Is she holding a grudge against NBC? You be the judge.

When BuzzFeed national editor Adam Serwer, an alum, mentioned a story about NBCBLK by Maynard Institute’s Richard Prince, she came back with some pointed responses.

On his Journal-isms blog, Prince wrote that NBC News had launched a new black site called NBCBLK after selling back to its original owners. The line that appeared to get under Goldie’s skin concerned NBCBLK’s Managing Editor Amber Payne, who told Prince, “I am looking for freelance contributors at this time, no full time hires at this time.”


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The Mirror attempted to seek comment from Taylor on what she meant by the above lines and if she has any ill will toward MSNBC or NBC. She certainly doesn’t make it easy. Since she blocked me on Twitter, I couldn’t DM her. On her personal website, in the “Contact” section, she lists three emails by which to contact her but then gives herself a clear out: “Goldie Taylor does not view or respond to personal inquiries received via email.”

As a last ditch effort, I sent a question to her through her editor, Jimmy Williams.