‘Come On’: Chuck Todd Scolds Cable News For Patriots Coverage When ‘Yemen Is Actually On Fire’ [AUDIO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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“Meet The Press” moderator Chuck Todd slammed cable news Friday night for its incessant coverage of the New England Patriots’ “deflate-gate” while the situation in Yemen continues to deteriorate.

The NBC News host told radio host Hugh Hewitt that he’s “embarrassed” that cable news continues to cover the Patriots situation while “Yemen is actually on fire.” Todd likened the situation to when “Rome was burning” or “while the string quartet is playing on the Titanic,” adding that while he’s interested in the Patriots story as well, “come on.”

Obviously, Todd’s criticism hits home for the host, who included MSNBC in his criticism. Todd appears frequently on the cable network, and hosted “The Daily Rundown” on MSNBC prior to taking over for David Gregory as host of “Meet The Press.”

HEWITT: Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of the death of Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill was the secretary for the colonies…drew the map of the modern Middle East. Today, 50 years later, it’s all going to hell Chuck Todd. I don’t even know if you’re going to try and cover Yemen [on Meet The Press]. No one can find Yemen on a map.

TODD: It’s funny that you say ‘try and cover.’ I’m obsessed with this. I’m sorry, but look: I’m a football fan, I enjoy football, but yesterday I was embarrassed because I’m looking up and all three news channels, okay, all three major cable news channels…they’re all on Tom Brady. Yemen is actually on fire. Oka,y Yemen is the single most important — look, it’s as dangerous a safe haven as there is. Between Syria and Yemen. But Yemen, a very dangerous safe haven.

This is like while Rome is burning or while the string quartet is playing on the Titanic. We’re worried about deflated football when the Yemen situation is where it’s at? I’m not trying to be one of those — a news snob about this. I’m interested in the Patriots story too, but come on.