Michael Moore Invokes Jesus In Latest Attack On Chris Kyle And The Military

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Michael Moore can’t stop. No, not eating, attacking the late Chris Kyle and the movie “American Sniper”. Moore appears to be on a personal crusade to turn Oscar voters off to the film because it is pro-American and shows the military in a positive light.

Rather than be interviewed by someone who would question his assertions, Moore took to Twitter again to use Jesus in his attacks.

Moore, not noted for theology, continued to speak on behalf of Jesus on the subject of snipers.

Apparently unaware of the fact that Chris Kyle, or any military personnel (or human being for that matter) is not Jesus Christ, Moore couldn’t resist the urge to play a round of “What if Jesus were President?”

Then the rotund filmmaker cited as the source for his theology Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.

On other matters, such as abortion or marriage, Michael Moore is not at all interested in the thoughts or teachings of any Pope, but he’s willing to make an exception when it suits his purposes.