George Will: Obama Goes Out Of The Way To ‘Show Disdain’ For Congress [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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When asked about President Barack Obama’s refusal to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his trip to Washington to address Congress, syndicated columnist George Will said on “Fox News Sunday” that Obama often goes out of his way to “show disdain” for Congress and Netanyahu. (VIDEO: George Will On Gaffe-Prone Hillary: ‘She’s Just Not A Fluent Speaker’)

HOST CHRIS WALLACE: George, was Boehner wrong to invite Netanyahu to Congress without consulting the White House? Was Netanyahu wrong to accept the invitation?

WILL: Neither were wrong. Congress is a collegial branch of government, with many responsibilities in foreign policy. Second, the president has gone out of his way to show disdain for both Congress in foreign and domestic policy, and for Mr. Netanyahu in particular. Steve Hayes makes the point in the Weekly Standard today, it is by no means good protocol to have the prime minister of another country, [UK Prime Minister David] Cameron, lobby our Congress about policy he favors.

WALLACE: Let me just quickly point out, Cameron called members of Congress to say don’t pass a sanctions bill threatening sanctions against Iran.

WILL: Correct. The president’s people were apologizing to members of Congress this week for not consulting them. We may be sure that if a deal is reached with Iran by June 30th, and if a climate deal is reached in Paris, the president will try to treat both of those as something other than a treaty and go around Congress. Israel lives in a tough neighborhood. In 726 days the president will be gone, they will still live in a tough neighborhood. And they’re not going to worry about showing manners to this man who has such bad manners.

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