I Paid For All These Horrific Abuses … And So Did You

Lila Rose President, Live Action
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She was thirteen years old – alone, scared, with no one to turn to.  A victim of sexual abuse, from a man she should have been able to trust. But when she went to a facility that could have helped her – could have reported the older man who had made her life a living hell – she wound up back in that same man’s arms, with a gaping hole in her where a life had once been.

A corporation that promises to protect young girls and then exploits and abandons them for profit might be called a chop shop. It might be called a violator of human rights or an abuser of women.

Or it might be called a tax-funded, government-supported health care authority. It might be called – in fact, it is called – Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood, America’s abortion giant, released its annual report for 2013-2014. It’s a glitzy piece of work, with pictures of smiling faces and reassuring claims of health care services. But what did the annual report leave out?

First, there is the case of “R.Z.,” the thirteen-year-old girl mentioned above. R.Z.’s stepfather had been abusing and raping her since she was six. In 2012, when she got pregnant at thirteen, he took her to a Colorado Planned Parenthood for a clandestine abortion. The abortion giant, required by law to report suspected sexual abuse of a minor, received payment to “terminate” R.Z.’s child, killed the baby, and sent R.Z. back to her abusing stepfather. She would not be free of him for years.

The lawsuit is still working its way through the courts. R.Z., now a young woman, has her wounds reopened each day she seeks justice – not just against the man who violated her, but against powerful, tax-funded Planned Parenthood, who chose not to save her for the price of an abortion.

What else did Planned Parenthood omit from its 2013-2014 report? No mention of how, across the country, its staffers coach young girls in dangerous pseudo-sexual practices like bondage, sadomasochism, breaking skin, and defecation. Planned Parenthood lauds its “Chat/Text” program for “[t]eens who need an answer right away to an urgent question,” but it doesn’t say what those answers are. It took a national undercover investigation to expose what Planned Parenthood is telling teenagers about sex … although the disturbing information is also available on Planned Parenthood’s website and in its promotional materials.

The report doesn’t mention Planned Parenthood’s nationwide so-called “education” initiative focused on pushing kids toward sex-saturated lifestyles. Parents in Lafayette, California didn’t learn about this from Planned Parenthood’s annual report – instead, they had to discover on their own that Planned Parenthood representatives were asking schoolchildren about lubricants and giving them a checklist called “Sex Check! Are You Ready For Sex?” “The outcry began when ninth-graders told their parents that they felt they were being pressured to have sex[.]”

The report doesn’t mention the reinstatement of a lawsuit, brought by a former employee, alleging massive Medicaid fraud by Planned Parenthood in Iowa. Another ongoing case, in Wisconsin, amounts to $3.5 million. There are many others, totaling at more than $115 million.

In a sane world, any one of these things by itself would make Planned Parenthood a pariah. But bizarrely, Planned Parenthood is not only tolerated by the nation, but taxpayer-funded. And while there’s plenty the abortion giant saw fit not to admit in its report, it’s worthwhile to examine what it did admit.

First, there is the $528 million Planned Parenthood took in from taxpayers in 2013-2014. Then there’s the $305.3 million in revenue, including $127.1 million in profits, this alleged non-profit took in.

But if Planned Parenthood is using these taxpayer funds to cover up sexual abuse, or push kids toward increasingly dangerous sexual activities, or commit fraud – and, of course, it is – it’s doing so only tangentially. As bad as these are, they’re just window dressing for Planned Parenthood’s true money-maker: the rampant, violent destruction of helpless human beings.

In 2013-2014, Planned Parenthood upped its abortion numbers from 327,166 to 327,653 – that is, 487 more children killed than the year prior. Roughly a third of all reported abortions in America are performed by Planned Parenthood, cementing its grisly status as America’s abortion industry leader – despite a massive public relations war to cover up its title by emphasizing other “services.”

What of those other “services” the abortion leader claims to provide? Hidden in the annual report is the bleak admittance of declining “health service” numbers. Even as abortion numbers went up in 2013-2014, and even with a hefty $127.1 million booked in profits, many other services dropped: adoption referrals down 14 percent, prenatal care services down 4 percent, cancer prevention services down 17 percent, and contraceptive services down 4 percent. To put these numbers in perspective, for every adoption referral or prenatal care visit the abortion giant claimed credit for, Planned Parenthood committed 174 abortions. Abortion numbers increased … but prenatal care and cancer prevention? Clearly not a priority for the abortion boss.

It’s a new year – an opportunity for a new beginning. These stories and numbers should disturb and outrage us, giving us yet another opportunity to voice our adamant disapproval. Look at Planned Parenthood’s annual report; look at what this organization shied away from including, and look at what it was proud to include.

For the sake of R.Z., and for every other victim of the cover-ups, the killings, and the lies, it’s time to stop taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood.