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Michael Moore: American Diaper

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I know, I know: Michael Moore is just trolling us. Having long ago failed to get the attention he needs by his usual means, now he’s resorting to crapping on the people who fight for his 1st Amendment right to crap on them.

But there really are people out there who say things like the following, and ignoring them won’t make them stop. We must bear witness:

Either Moore truly believes he’s every bit the American hero that Chris Kyle was — in which case Moore is insane — or he’s just being an asshole. I guess they’re not mutually exclusive…

When Moore began this latest stunt after American Sniper‘s amazing opening weekend, he tried to deny he was even insulting Chris Kyle. Sure, he just picked the word “sniper” out of his stupid hat and started babbling about it. Nobody bought that, not even his ever-dwindling fan base. So now he’s all-in. Now he’s a victim of all those meanies who keep telling him what they think of him.

Go ahead, Mike. Every minute you spend alienating normal people on Twitter is a minute you’re not making movies. You have the thanks of a grateful nation.

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Jim Treacher