Black Talk Radio Accuses Tom Brady Of ‘White Privilege’ [AUDIO]

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been accused of “white privilege” on the Black Talk Radio network.

“This is a perfect example of what white privilege means,” according to the commentator on the black radio network.


“He seems most responsible for these balls being deflated, which gives people a competitive edge.”

“He was asked a question by a black person. He asked Tom Brady, are you a cheater?”

“Or Russell Wilson, who Tom Brady will be facing in the Super Bowl…They would be calling for them to be suspended, oh Russell Wilson’s a cheater…That’s why he had to go to junior college, then to Auburn. He’s a poor character. Those thugs they don’t do nothing but cheat.”

“Most of the people that graduated at the top of their classes and go on to their so-called Ivy League schools…they cheated their way through school…This is showing you white privilege in this country…The reality is a lot of people cheat their way to that success…The NFL is already investigating.”

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