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Donald Trump Entertains Possibility Of Replacing Meet The Press’ ‘Moron’ Host

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Real estate mogul and presidential hopeful (wink! wink!) Donald Trump is living in a sort of dreamy fugue state. It’s really hard to know if he’s awake at this point or walking around like a zombie.

He has spent the last several days inflating himself and bragging about his appearance in Iowa, which is typical for Trump, so nothing to be alarmed about there. He’s also trashed NBC “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd. Which is also part of his norm as he shreds any journalist who isn’t deeply in awe of his political prowess.

But the man with a bird’s nest hairdo reached a new level of showboating Tuesday morning as he claimed that “so many people” are telling him he should replace that “moron” on “Meet the Press.” You know, the “loser” (as he calls Todd) who Trump and his aides claim isn’t getting the ratings earned by Todd’s predecessor David Gregory. In recent days, Trump has re-dubbed Todd “sleepy eyes” (the nickname goes back years) and a “dummy.” He also called him “one of the dumbest voices in politics.”

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The fresh backlash against Todd stems from a comment the “Meet the Press” host made last Sunday. “Nobody’s going to mistake Donald Trump for a presidential candidate, I don’t think, other than Donald Trump,” he cracked on NBC.

Trump soon fired off a round of shots at Todd for not being a celebrity and at NBC for being the “Obama network.”

The feud between the two men has been festering for years. Todd has consistently not taken Trump’s presidential aspirations seriously. Back in 2013, he called him a “sideshow.” Trump, in turn, blasted Todd as far back as 2011 when he had a rather contentious appearance on “The Daily Rundown.”

The Mirror sought comment from Todd as well as Trump spokesman Sam Nunberg. Todd had no comment.

Numberg issued a statement to The Mirror, calling on NBC’s Luke Russert to take over “Meet the Press.”

“Chuck Todd should be honorable, humble and realistic,” Nunberg wrote by email. “When you have a problem, the worst thing you can do is ignore it. Chuck should tender his resignation immediately and allow Luke Russert to take the helm. MTP is an indelible part of America’s history. Chuck is destroying MTP. Also, isn’t it a conflict of interest to be a host of MTP when your wife is working for Jim Webb?!”

Twitter follower Ray Lytle had an amusing response for Trump’s “Meet The Press” dreams.

“You’re hearing voices,” she replied to Trump’s morning tweet. “Not one person outside the imbecile in your mirror has ever thought you should host Meet the Press.”

HuffPost lefty media reporter Jason Linkins, who stopped covering Sunday shows like “MTP” because he wanted to eat brunch, baited him, saying, “You’d chicken out if you got the offer.”