Guy Offers NBC Reporter Booze During Live Broadcast [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Portland, Maine is getting buffeted by snow during winter storm Juno, but that didn’t stop a live MSNBC broadcast from getting interrupted twice by local characters.

NBC correspondent John Yang was live in Portland reporting on street conditions, when a group of young men and women appeared in the background of the shot. One of the young men walked up to Yang, took a long drag from a bottle covered in a brown paper bag, and held the bottle up to Yang, before walking away. (VIDEO: Check Out This Casual Drug Deal On Live TV)

Yang, ever the consummate professional, didn’t break his concentration in spite of a tempting booze offering and finished his report. (To be fair, it could have been any liquid in that brown bag. But given that the guy’s other hand was holding a Pabst Blue Ribbon…)

“John, I see there are some people out and about who are venturing out…” said host Ed Schultz. “Have you come across any interesting people…?” As if by cue, a couple came into frame cross-country skiing. “There’s one recreator [sic] right behind you, right there!” he pointed out. (RELATED: Dem Congressman Picks His Ear, Eats The Wax On Live TV)

Yang finally laughed as the skier whooped and performed a 360 degree jump. “You’ve got a couple of people on cross country skis,” he said. “This is Maine, after all!”

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