NUGENT: HBO Host Bryant Gumbel Doesn’t Get Guns, Calls The NRA ‘Pigs’

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As I write this, I’m surrounded by stacks of guns, walls of ammo, a veritable sea of gun-related accessories, and a substantial army of good, law-abiding citizens, many of whom are surely NRA members. With more serious firepower in belts per capita than anywhere I know of, I am convinced that the SHOT (Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade) Show in Las Vegas is the safest place on earth.

The definitive Ted’s world does exist, and I am dead center in it.

As usual at such an anti-gun-free-zone such as this, there hasn’t been a misfire, an accidental or negligent discharge, nary a drive-by shooting, or a hint of an armed robbery by any of the tens of thousands of good folks attending the SHOT show. The same has been true of the dozens of NRA annual conventions I’ve attended over the past couple of decades.

That’s because NRA members are the good guys.

The NRA isn’t responsible for any gun-related crimes. NRA members abide by the laws, play by the rules, and know the Second Amendment is a fundamental God given individual right enumerated in the Constitution.

We also know for certain that more gun laws and nonsense feel-good restrictions on our right to self-defense don’t have a damn thing to do with reducing any violent crimes anywhere, anytime.

You want to hear illegal firefights on an hourly basis? Take a ride through the gun free zone of Chicago, but be sure to wear your body armor. No NRA members will be found.

The NRA has long championed giving gangsters, gangbangers and recidivistic thugs who use guns longer prison sentences.

We also know there is no gun-show loophole. The facts are that thugs and punks who commit crimes with guns don’t get them at gun shows. That’s another myth that gun-snatchers and their propaganda ministry have lied about for years.

NRA members know that law-biding citizens use guns hundreds of thousands of times each year to stop crime. We know that law-abiding citizens shoot more thugs and home-invading zombies than the police do each year.

We know that, according to the FBI, so-called “assault weapons” are used so infrequently in crimes that they are statistically insignificant and there is no need to ban them or the standard capacity magazines that come with them.

In total dishonest denial of these and other bullet proof firearms truths, HBO Real Sports host, Bryant Gumbel, said in an upcoming Rolling Stone piece that the NRA is a “curse upon the American landscape” according to article on Foxnews.com.

Mr. Gumbel went on to say there are few things he hates more than the NRA and that he doesn’t think the NRA cares about human life. He called the NRA “pigs.”

The underlying cause for the disregard for and resultant loss of human life in our urban areas is a fundamental lack of loving and guiding fathers in the home. The lack of fathers is the result of decades of federal and state welfare crack that has created dependency, destroyed families and cheapened lives. That’s the real curse on the American landscape Mr. Gumbel, and you know it.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, roughly 30,000 people die each year as a result of guns. However, facts are pesky and stubborn things. Sixteen or seventeen thousand of the 30,000 deaths are suicides.

The majority of the remaining gun-related deaths are surely gang-related and the majority of those doing and doing the killing don’t have fathers in the home and the majority of time are on parole, again. No new feel-good gun law is going to change that.

Subtract the number of suicides and fatherless gangsters killing other fatherless gangsters and what you have is an America slightly less violent than Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Mr. Gumbel is free to wallow in his ignorance, hate and lies that the NRA are pigs and somehow responsible for criminal violence.

However, if he ever decides to be objective, do a little research, be honest and takes the time to assess the underlying cause for the gun-related mayhem occurring in our urban areas, I’m sure he’ll point his outrage at a different target than the NRA.

Indeed, there are truly other pigs that truly need to be exposed, analyzed and debated.

America doesn’t have a gun problem. What America has is a disintegrating family problem that manifests itself in nightly gunfire, blood, and death. That isn’t the result of the NRA standing up for our Second Amendment rights.