Kevin Costner: ‘I Take Exception’ To Michael Moore’s ‘Glib’ Sniper Comments [AUDIO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Appearing on “The Laura Ingraham Show” to promote his upcoming film “Black or White,” actor and producer Kevin Costner slammed Michael Moore’s comments that snipers were “cowards,” saying he “oughta be brave enough to take them back.” (VIDEO: Huckabee Slams ‘Disgusting,’ ‘Hypocrite’ Michael Moore For ‘American Sniper’ Tweets)

COSTNER: I’ve had to remark on it. I get hit on it going down this red carpet and I’m think, ‘Jesus Christ, I’m not Solomon,’ you know?

But I did take exception to what Michael Moore said. I mean, we practically invented the sniper in the Revolutionary War when we couldn’t take on, hold back the British. And that was the formation, if you look at historically about snipers. I think coward is just too strong of a word. And I think he oughta be smart enough to take it back, brave enough to take it back.

When you’re the victim of something, yeah, you can have a perspective. But I think when you get that microphone and you’re a little glib and a little fast, you end up saying stuff like that. And he would have trouble saying that to a roomful of men that go out as young guys, boys, and they’re assigned things because of a skillset and then they go out and they do it the best they can. So, I didn’t like it.

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