Ball Expert Rachel Maddow: Balls Couldn’t Have Been Deflated In 90 Seconds [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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It’s become fairly apparent that the NFL’s Deflate-Gate investigation into the New England Patriots is nothing more than hate-fueled smear campaign against one of the greatest football teams in NFL history.

Earlier in the week, Pro Football Talk revealed that the NFL’s VP of game operations actually fudged the numbers regarding the Pats’ balls registered PSI levels. Mike Kensil — who is known throughout the league as holding a notorious grudge against New England — said that 11 of NE’s 12 balls were 2 lbs below the NFL’s minimum PSI level, when in reality, they were only 1 lb below. (RELATED: Why Is An NFL Exec Lying About Deflate-Gate? Oh Right Because He Hates The Pats)

In an effort to deflect from this new information, the NFL anonymously leaked that a locker room attendant removed both the Patriots’ and Colts’ balls from the officials’ locker room and took them into a bathroom. Supposedly, the NFL has a video of the attendant entering the restroom with both bags of balls, then leaving — balls in hand — ninety seconds later.

The NFL is trying to insinuate that the locker room attendant deflated the balls during that time, but not even MSNBC is falling for this one. In a segment on her show on Tuesday, notorious ball-buster Rachel Maddow decided to see if someone could physically do what the NFL is claiming happened.

WATCH (experiment starts at 3:30 mark):

Well, that settles it then. I don’t normally find myself agreeing with Maddow, but in this case, we’re definitely on the same page. After all, if there was ever an expert on deflating balls, it’s Rachel Maddow.

“Well, what was that guy doing in the bathroom then?”

Ummm… I’m not positive, but probably this.


Your move NFL.

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