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Quote of the Day:

“About last night… CNN’s 10pm hour, w/ @DonLemon in the #blizzardmobile, was its highest-rated hour of the day in 25-54 demo. Topped Fox.”

— CNN’s Brian Stelter.

Still…amid John Stewart’s lambasting of the Blizzardmobile last night on The Daily Show, Chris Hayes had something to say about CNN’s blizzard coverage 

“Driving around in an SUV for an hour on live TV is *objectively* ridiculous.” — MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who knows of what he speaks: Like Lemon, he broadcast from a car driving around Manhattan during the non-blizzard.


A tough few weeks for Sen. Harry Reid 

“Harry Reid with a glass eye, on the other hand, yikes.” — The Atlantic‘s Molly Ball.

Question to Ponder: “Who is Wes Lowery’s boss at the Washington Post?” — GotNewsCharles Johnson.

Wishful thinking 

“My favorite part about the ‘net is how nobody fights and everyone is always happy!” — BuzzFeed‘s Charlie Warzel.

Media metaphor 

“Sometimes the media world feels like the middle school cafeteria.” — Rachel Zarrell, BuzzFeed News Editor.

In defense of stupid weather coverage by Chris Hayes 

“Being angry at TV news for over-covering weather is like being mad at police procedurals for featuring so many murders. Or being upset at NY tabloids for running front cover headlines that lack nuance.” — MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

Journo hates it when lawmakers do this…

“Few things are more insufferable than listening to politicians mansplain the Constitution.” — Sahlil Kapur, senior congressional reporter, TPM.

Deep Thoughts With Niels Lesniewksi

“Short hours are not a hallmark of a career in journalism.” — Lesniewski, Roll Call.