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John McCain Shouldn’t Call Code Pink Protesters ‘Lowlife Scum’

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As Chuck Ross reports, here’s what happened earlier today when Henry Kissinger showed up to testify before the Senate Armed Services Committee:

“Get out of here, you lowlife scum.”

I take exception to McCain’s words. “Lowlife scum,” Senator?

This will not do. Here are just a few terms that more precisely describe Code Pink:

  • Shrieking freaks
  • Anti-American harridans
  • Despicable lumps of garbage
  • Dorks
  • Morons
  • Dimwits
  • Pig-ignorant bimbos
  • Guilt pimps
  • Vagina-costume-wearing loons
  • Liberals

Any one of those will work. Please do better next time, Sen. McCain.