Ultrasounds Are Rape Now, Declares Women’s Studies Professor [VIDEO]

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A University of South Florida professor has declared that the practice of using imaging technology to show a fetus in a mother’s womb is rape.

The professor, Diane Price Herndl, made the proclamation at a pro-abortion rally event on Saturday in Tampa, Campus Reform reports.

Herndl, the chairwoman of the women’s and gender studies department at USF, was the headline speaker at the event, which was called “Roe on the Rocks: Celebrate Choices.”

“We require in various states to do trans-vaginal ultrasounds before abortion, which by every state law, the involuntary introduction of an object into a woman’s vagina is rape, so in certain states we are requiring physicians to rape their patients,” Herndl told the assembled dozens who turned up for the event.

“We refuse to let people have abortions and then we refuse to support their children, we put them in drug ridden-neighborhoods, and then we arrest them for being in the drug-ridden neighborhood” the women’s studies professor added. “Reproductive justice is when your child is gunned down on the street.”

Herndl’s mantra throughout her speech was that rich women “will always have access to abortion.”

Florida is among 24 states which currently require women seeking abortions to obtain an ultrasound first.

Sponsors of “Roe on the Rocks” included the National Organization for Women (NOW), Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Florida.

Bonni Axler, the secretary for Florida’s NOW chapter, wore plastic bags over her shoes to the event in a bizarre effort to mock Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst for her rural roots.

On Herndl’s Facebook page, her likes include Barack Obama, Cat Doctors South Tampa, Queers for Public Education and The National Women’s Health Network.


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