BAT ALERT! Bats Fly Through Courtroom As Chaos Ensues

Nick Givas Media And Politics Reporter
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On Friday, 30 bats flew into an Arkansas courtroom right in the middle of a trial. The Texarkana Gazette reports that several people were ducking and screaming in terror. They ran from the room when the bats began swooping down towards them.

A courtroom deputy was almost bitten by one of the bats. He was able to catch the creature by its wings while onlookers took photos of the once in a lifetime event. The lights were turned off in an effort to calm the bats, and it was successful.

The presiding judge, Tom Cooper, said that hundreds of bats were known to nest on the grounds and seeing bat poop was not uncommon.

The court has called in the big guns and reached out to a pest control expert to help contain the problem. He is due to come in on Monday to begin finding solutions to the infestation.

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Nick Givas