Liberal Magazine: If You Want The Patriots To Win The Super Bowl, You’re Racist

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Even as the final days before the Super Bowl draw to a close, the liberal media refuses to quit its slanderous campaign against the 2015 AFC Champion New England Patriots.

The most recent salvo of Pats-hate comes from noted liberal-weekly, The Nation, which decided to abandon any and all shreds of journalistic bias in favor of declaring the Seattle Seahawks as America’s chosen team. The Deflate-Gate scandal has been revealed as a smoke and mirrors effort to undermine the house that Belichick built, and at this point in the game, these last futile proclamations from the self-proclaimed “flagship of the left” are not only easy to see through, but just flat-out repetitive.

For starters, the article’s main argument is basically as follows: “The NFL is part of a changing, more socially-conscious America, and if you aren’t pulling for the Seahawks, it’s probably because you’re a racist.”

Seriously. It’s all in there.

When I started writing about the intersection of sports and politics in 2003, a countless number of sentences started with two words: “if only”. “If only” star athletes used their hyper-exalted-brought-to-you-by Nike platform to actually say something about the world instead of just trying to sell us more crap. If only they stood up to tired sports media that for decades had treated outspoken athletes with a sneering and, in the case of black players, transparently racist contempt… 

This is a team that has had players speak out for the Black Lives Matter movement and a team that has felt no compunction against calling out a commissioner in Roger Goodell who cares more about public relations than the players and the families of players that the league employs…

To have Marshawn Lynch consciously try to control his own labor and by doing so, dredge up the worst impulses in the sports media aristocracy was, intentionally or not, a national service. Thanks to Lynch, we have seen a layer of sports writers regurgitate all of their suppressed bile against young black athletes—tweeting things like their desire for an “English to Marshawn dictionary”—and exposing the long-standing resentments older and mostly whiter sportswriters have towards the people they cover

The NFL—a brutal, damnable sports league—is now intimately connected to how we discuss issues ranging from violence against women, to workplace safety, to the movement against police brutality. But as long as that is the truth, we should want the people who hold that platform to be the most conscious possible participants in this discussion. This is reason enough, if you aren’t from the Maine-to-Connecticut-corridor, to pull for the Seattle Seahawks. 

How many times are these guys going to use the same, tired argument? I guess it’s worked in the last two elections, so what the hell, might as well try it in the Super Bowl.

To be honest, The Nation probably would have gotten away with using the oldest trick in the liberal-book if not for one major mistake. There isn’t a single mention of Seattle’s opponent in the entire article. There’s not a single comment on the on-going smear-campaign being waged against the Pats. There’s no mention of Brady’s quest for another title. There’s isn’t even a single attempt at convincing the readers that the Hawks are playing another team on Sunday. It’s almost as if the author thinks that if he doesn’t utter the words “New,” “England” or “Patriots,” then the readers will just forget about the media filleting the Pats over the past two weeks. (RELATED: So, Somebody Probably Should’ve Checked That The Guy Heading Deflate-Gate Wasn’t A Patriots-Hating Scumbag BEFORE The Investigation)

Solidarity — And The Seattle Seahawks — Forever” is nothing more than another example of the liberal media’s attempt to cover up the left’s role in New England’s Deflate-Gate trial-by-fire, and as I’m sure you can guess, this isn’t this guy’s first time playing the racism card. This is a guy who tried to get Ariz. residents to boycott the Diamondbacks as a stand for “immigration reform” back in 2010. He’s also the one who originally called Hank Williams Jr. a racist for comparing Obama to Hitler and thinks that Barry Bonds never used steroids because… again, racism.

For the record, I’m not totally against the Seattle Seahawks. I think they deserve to be in the Super Bowl because they are one of the best-disciplined, physical teams in the league, but my money’s still on New England. Seattle’s injured-defense will not be able to stop a rightfully-enraged Tom Brady from winning another Super Bowl and taking his throne atop the pantheon of all-time NFL greats.

No matter how much the media wants to dump on the Pats before kickoff, history will inevitably be made on Sunday, and it’s officially too late for the league to save face before that time comes.

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