Ayotte To Obama: Spend Less Time Being PC And More Time Fighting Radical Islam

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Republican New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte called out the White House on “Fox News Sunday,” telling them to stop spending so much time worrying about political correctness and more time actually fighting radical Islam. (VIDEO: White House: Not ‘Accurate’ To Call Paris Terrorism ‘Radical Islam’)

HOST CHRIS WALLACE: Senator Ayotte, why does it matter what we call our enemies in the region?

AYOTTE: It very much matters, because you have to define your enemy. Here is the problem, I think they should spend less time on being worried about being politically correct, about how we define our enemies and more time on a strategy to defeat them. One of the things we heard consistently this week from the national security experts, including General Keane, was a lack of a strategy. It was very disjointed what’s happening, and what we see is more outgrowth of the extremists in this region.

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