New York City Assemblyman Wants To Tow Out-of-State Cars Parking Overnight

PG Veer Contributor
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Out-of-state cars might start piling up inside New York City’s car pounds. If Queens Assemblyman Michael Miller has his way, then cars without a New York State license plate parked between 2 and 5 am in the Big Apple would be towed away and the drivers would be forced to pay $185 to get them back according to the Daily Signal

Miller’s reason? “By registering out-of-state, you are either committing fraud by not registering your vehicle in New York state or you are avoiding paying state Department of Motor Vehicles fees,” he claims. Of course, you can avoid the hassle by buying an exemption sticker at an undisclosed price.

This wouldn’t be the first time NYC targets people without the right permits. Since 2006, the city has been waging a war on Air Bnb, that lets tenants rent their apartments for a short period of time. It goes against city ordinances that forbid people to rent a place to live for less than a month. The New York Post reports that police operation busting these “illegal hotels” is costing the tenants their dwelling or heavy fines.

The city’s administration is also at odds with “illegal dinner parties”, where people host strangers for a meal for a fee, reports CBS 2. These are illegal because “people who offer meals to the public for money are considered food service establishments and need permits. The city does not allow meals to be served to members of the public in someone’s home,” said NYC’s Health Department.

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