Limbaugh: Obama Should Follow Pete Carroll’s Lead, ‘Take Responsibility For His Mistakes’ [AUDIO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Rush Limbaugh felt “cheated” by the Seattle Seahawks’ final offensive play of Super Bowl XLIX, but wishes President Obama would follow Seattle coach Pete Carroll’s lead and “take responsibility for his mistakes.”

Carroll took full blame for the play call, which led directly to the game-winning interception by New England’s Malcolm Butler.

“I don’t quite know how to express — I still feel cheated. I don’t think that ended up being a pro football game,” Limbaugh said. “I mean it was, but that last call, there’s — I’ve looked at it every number of ways.”

“I’ve listened to every excuse offered. It would be wonderful if Obama would stand up and take responsibility for his mistakes like Pete Carroll has,” Limbaugh said. “If Obama had made that call last night and it blew up, he’d be like, ‘uh uh, I knew nothing about it, I found out about it when you did when I watched the replay on TV from the sideline.'”

“He would totally divorce himself from any responsibility,” Limbaugh added.

Although he gave credit to Carroll for taking all the blame, the conservative radio titan still lambasted Carroll for his decision not to hand the ball off to running back Marshawn Lynch on the 1-yard line with less than a minute remaining.