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Newspaper Designer Sneaks Into Hospital For A REALLY Important Reason

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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File this under: Odd.

Ashley Perks, the head designer for The Hill who last year headed up the popular “50 Most Beautiful People” issue, recently spoke of “surgery scabs” and her “mutilated body” on Twitter.

But medical procedures aside, she had a recent emergency on her way home: She had to relieve herself.

So why not sneak into a hospital?

“I had to pee on the way home today but I couldn’t find a bass station, so I stopped at a hospital because I thought that was a good idea. The security guard stopped me and was like, hey, do you have a wristband? And I’m like, nah, I’m just going to the bathroom. It’s cool. And he let me just wander around the halls.”

Sounding like a real Washingtonian, she continued, “THIS is the state of our security, I guess. I could have been murdering people in their sickbeds.”


Perks explained, “But in my defense, I look pretty angelic and not at all like a serial killer. I even had makeup on. Why would a serial killer put makeup on?”

Um, yeah. Beats me?!?!?!

She advised, “Anyway, plan your rest stops accordingly. Don’t wait until the last minute. We can’t all get away with sneak-peeing in hospitals.”