Referee Makes Young Fan’s Day [VIDEO]

Scott Cook Contributor
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Believe it or not, there were other sporting events that took place on Sunday. While the Super Bowl dominated sporting news — and all news for that matter — the NBA still had a handful of games scheduled.

The New York Knicks took on the Los Angeles Lakers Sunday afternoon at Madison Square Garden.

During the fourth quarter of the game, a rolled up T-shirt —presumably shot from a T-shirt cannon — made its way onto the floor, interrupting the flow of the game.

Referee Mike Callahan stopped the action and picked up the t-shirt. Instead of giving it to one of the security guys to confiscate, Callahan made his way to the sideline and presented the shirt to an adorable young Knicks fan in the first row.

The look on the kids face says it all.

Even announcers Mike Breen and Cylde Frazier took note of the kid’s excitement by saying, “That little guy is thrilled. Look at that smile.”

The Knicks defeated the Lakers 92-80 in an otherwise boring game that featured two of the leagues worst teams.

You know it’s been a rough season when the referee and a fan are the ones making the highlights.