Scarborough On 2016: ‘There May Not Be A State Jeb Can Win’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Two days after the latest Iowa 2016 polls were released, “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough openly wondered how Jeb Bush could win the GOP nomination.

The MSNBC host remarked that “there may not be a state Jeb can win,” pointing out that he’s in fifth place in a Des Moines Register/Bloomberg poll of Iowa, according to the poll.

Scarborough made the comments to Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin on “Morning Joe” Monday.

SCARBOROUGH: This is a remarkable poll that you guys took, and what it shows is what happened when Chris Christie called me right before he was trying to make a decision in ’12. He said, ‘I know I’m a popular guy. I know I can raise a lot of money. But what state do I win, Joe?’ Do I win Iowa, do I win New Hampshire, do I win South Carolina?’ So here we have Jeb Bush. Once again, the same money people that ran to George H.W. Bush in ’92, that ran to Bob Dole in ’96 and ran to John McCain in 2008, that ran to Mitt Romney in 2012 are now running to Jeb Bush in 2016, and they’re writing checks, writing checks, and they’re just freaking out, because they’ve got to be on some train, right? They haven’t figured out what we were talking about before, that there may not be a state that Jeb can win.

HALPERIN: You’ve got the win one of the first four. You just do.

SCARBOROUGH: He’s in fourth, fifth place in Iowa. What does your poll show?

HALPERIN: Fifth place and a lot of weakness. People just know him as the famous last name. They don’t like his position on immigration. They don’t like his position on Common Core, and he’s now hired as national campaign manager in waiting, the premier Iowa Republican strategist, which puts a lot of pressure on him to compete there. Look, I think he’s the strongest candidate. He might outraise the next closest person here 5-1 in money.

SCARBOROUGH: Doesn’t matter.

HALPERIN: And it may not matter, he’s going to have to come out and prove himself. the good news for him is, again, people think they know him but they don’t. But this poll shows, by my count, nine or 10 people could win the Iowa caucuses. we’ve never had a either party with with that many people a year out in position to win.