Former Cyclist Hits Parked Cars, Receives Tickets

Andrew Lief Contributor
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Lance Armstrong was issued two traffic citations in January for allegedly hitting two parked cars in Colorado and leaving the scene, according to The Aspen Daily News.

This news comes one week after Armstrong spoke on his doping use and life-long ban.

Anna Hansen, Armstrong’s girlfriend, initially told police that she was behind the wheel to avoid national headlines. She was cited for failing to report an accident and exceeding safe speed expectations before those citations were transferred to Armstrong on Jan. 12.

“Hansen told us that she was driving home from an Aspen Art Museum party the previous night,” Aspen police detective Rick Magnuson wrote in the police report. “Hansen told me that she drove the GMC home because ‘Lance had a little bit to drink so I was driving. I was not drinking.’”

Hansen later admitted that Armstrong was driving.

“He was not intoxicated, and that was um, you know, I’m sorry I lied to you that morning but I was trying to make [it] sound like, well, I was driving because that was, just, I don’t know … I was just trying to make something up at that time,” she told Magnuson.

Aspen deputy district attorney Andrea Bryan said Hansen wasn’t charged with a false police report because of her confession.

Armstrong has hired Pamela Mackey as his attorney, according to The Aspen Daily News. Mackey represented Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant from 2003-04 when he was charged with sexual assault.