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Here Is The Concealed Carry Ad The Super Bowl Rejected

Mike Piccione Editor, Guns & Gear
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The United States Concealed Carry Association doesn’t over-engineer their mission statement: “Teach One Million People, Equip 250,000 Members, Stop 5,000 Crimes and Save 250 Lives.”

Tim Schmidt started the organization nearly a dozen years ago when he recognized that there was no single resource dedicated to concealed carriers. He started with a magazine, added forums and then capped off USCCA membership with Self-Defense Shield, an insurance resource that provides financial coverage in case of a defensive shooting. Now they have expanded into training.

Sounds like an all-American kind of company. The type of organization that would be a perfect fit for the most American of all games, the Super Bowl.

But the Super Bowl didn’t want the USCCA. They rejected the ad.

Here is the outrageous ad that was rejected.
SuperBowl_BannedAdBelow is a newly released video from the USCCA on the rejection of the ad.

Concealed Carry magazine editor Kevin Michalowski says it best, “Apparently the league known for everything from cheating to dog fighting to domestic abuse and murder does not want to be associated with effective firearms safety training and legal self-defense.”


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