Previously Convicted Illegal Immigrant Kills Houston Musician

Nick Givas Media And Politics Reporter
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An illegal immigrant who had already been convicted on narcotics charges ended up killing two innocent bystanders in Houston.

KPRC 2 Houston reports that the illegal’s name was Victor Manuel Reyes. Court documents show that he was given a sentence of five years for his previous drug charges. They stem from a deal that occurred in 2010.

It is unknown if he was deported or if he crossed back over illegally and was ignored by immigration authorities.

This story comes to light at a time when the Obama administration is under strict scrutiny for issuing 5.46 million work permits unilaterally to illegal immigrants.

The Houston musician, Spencer Golvach, was sitting at a red light after dropping off his girlfriend, Sara Wittmore, when he was shot and killed.

Golvach was killed just days before the couple was to celebrate Wittmore’s birthday. She is with Golvach’s family now planing his funeral instead.

Golvach’s father told KPRC, “I want to know why a convicted drug pusher who served time in prison that’s not a legal citizen was unleashed upon our streets.”

Golvach’s brother Dylan Golvach said, “He was my guide through life. He meant the world to me.”

Police managed to kill Reyes after he pointed his gun at a Harris county Sheriff’s deputy.  The deputy was chasing Reyes down because of his proximity to a separate drive-by shooting that took the life of Juan Garcia. It is believed Reyes had just murdered Garcia before he was shot by the authorities.

Garcia’s family described him as a good and hardworking man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.