Rand Paul Trolls ‘Liberal Media’ With Twitter Pic Of Him Getting Vaccinated

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul was less than happy with how the media reported on his comments to “The Laura Ingraham Show” that while he personally believed in vaccination, he didn’t believe the government should make it mandatory. So the potential Republican presidential nominee took to Twitter to show his support for vaccines firsthand… and to take a shot at the “liberal media.”

Despite Paul’s dig against the media, New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters was also present, and also tweeted out a picture of the event. Peters’ own report on the anti-vaccine hub bub and the Republican Party was embarrassingly riddled with errors.

Meanwhile, in a now-deleted tweet, the senior editor of the Daily Beast Justin Miller responded to Paul’s tweet with civility and impartiality:


Paul’s tweet comes the day after a contentious interview with CNBC host Kelly Evans, during which he accused her of being “slanted” and coming into the interview with false assumptions.

“Part of the problem is that you end up having interviews like this where the interview is so slanted and full of distortions that you don’t get useful information,” he said. (VIDEO: Rand Paul Snaps At Hostile CNBC Host: ‘Slanted… Full Of Distortions’)

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