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TheBlaze’ Amy Holmes Proudly Plucks Her Chin Hairs

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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TheBlaze TV news anchor Amy Holmes appears to be carving out a whole new genre of material not to open up about on Twitter. Namely anything that happens in your bathroom. What’s next: Amy’s diarrhea diaries?

(Just keep it coming Holmes, because I love writing about it.)

She framed it in the context of the Always maxi pad “like a girl” themed Super Bowl commercial.

“I’m all girl! (Except those weird chin hairs that pop up every so often? Thank goodness for tweezers!:)”

It must be noted that she’s not the only woman on TV to publicly discuss her chin hair. On ABC’s “The View,” former host Sherri Shepherd was also really open about hers and even showed herself plucking in a video.

Blissfully, Holmes didn’t stop the chin hair talk there.

“As Bette Davis said, ‘Old age ain’t for sissies!’ I suspect she knew about random chin hairs.”

She also saw it as an opportunity to help make women feel more at ease in their own chin hair.

“I’m very happy to admit to having to pluck random chin hairs if it helps one woman feel better about her own chin hair situation!”

Please, Holmes, stop! This is getting uncomfortable.

“I kind of enjoy plucking them. I get ’em in one particular spot. Very satisfying.”

Covering eyes. Is this OVER yet?

“When they turn grey, will that make ’em harder to spot? I need to get married to have kids to pluck away!”

She concluded this awfulness with a female outcry: “Chin haired women united!”