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Bowe Bergdahl’s Brothers In Arms Want The White House To Stop Hiding The Truth

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Anybody who’s been paying attention knows why Obama is stonewalling on the truth about Bowe Bergdahl. If you’re still confused, take another look at the above picture of him standing proudly with Bergdahl’s parents.

Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Obama screwed up again, he’s humiliated, and he and his enablers don’t care who else it affects. They don’t care about the servicemen who risked their lives to search for the deserter we ended up trading for five terrorists. They don’t care about the truth. Hell, they hate the truth.

Evan Buetow and Cody Full, who served with Bergdahl, aren’t keeping quiet about it. From their op-ed in USA Today:

On June 30, 2009, in Mest Malak, Afghanistan, Bowe Bergdahl left his unit and deserted the U.S. Army. We know he deserted because we were there when he did it.

We are confident that the overdue report from political and military leaders on Bergdahl’s actions, sitting on a general’s desk since October, comes to the same conclusion…

It is troubling to us that President Obama and his political team are silencing this needed public debate by not making the release of this report a priority.

In light of the new information that some of the Taliban prisoners swapped for our former platoonmate made moves to re-enter the war, we believe that this debate must begin in earnest by issuing a report on the facts.

That’s what it’s all about: the facts. Those damnable, intractable facts. They’re the bane of Obama’s existence. Why are all these teabaggers so obsessed with what’s real? Why do they keep demanding the truth? Why can’t they just accept what he gives them, thank him for it, and get on with their miserable lives?

Read the whole thing. These men served their country with honor, and Obama would like you to ignore them.

Too bad.